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On the top right side of your screen you find your Dashboard. You can click to see the details of your account which you can personalize or set preferences, buy credits or sign out.

My Details: The My Details page provides access to all of the primary options and settings for your account.

In the "My Account" section you can view and update your personal details.

The "My Profile" section lets you personalize the profile you want other users to see and set preferences concerning your privacy.

In the "My Notes" section you will find a link to a more general User Notes editor where you can view, edit, and delete all of your notes.

Prices and Credits The only thing that costs money is Credits. Credits are spent on view per minute, streaming or download of movies and music.

Click Purchase Credits to see the different packages available. There is a discount for purchasing more Credits at once. All prices are handled ex VAT (Value added Tax) as the rate is determined by the country of delivery. The tax will be added on the final bill.

All purchases are handled by a secure and trusted third-party payment processor. Please see our Billing Help page for more details.

Money goes to the Content Providers After expenses nearly all of the money spent on this website goes to the content providers. We keep our expenses as low as possible and rely on our members and content providers as well as specialized press, forums etc. to spread the word about this site.

Spending Credits - Watch a movie or listen to music - Transfer Credits to another User

View per minute streaming or streaming Audio: A member with Credits may click the “View Now” or “Listen Now” button. The movie or audio stream will start and the user will be charged per minute. A minute is billed on the first second it starts. The cost per minute is stated on the movie details page next to the “View Now” button.

If a user has not sufficient credits to view the complete movie an alert is popping up inviting him to buy more credits or to proceed anyway. A movie automatically ends when you run out of Credits. The member may also end the show at any time.

Download a movie If the content provider allowed it, the user can click the “Download Now” button. The movie will be downloaded on the user’s hard disk and be available for 1 week for unlimited viewing. Audio files downloads are not limited in time.

Transfer credits to another user as a gift or if you buy a bigger amount of credits to get a better price for a community of viewers. (For example a father might pay for a large package and transfer credits to members of his family)

Queue: A user can add movies to a queue for later viewing or download.

The Home Page

On the Home Page you will see the newest additions to the different pages. You can click on the menu bar or on a window to navigate to that page. Some showcases can be expanded by clicking the "see all" option.


“Films” is the listing of all movies. By default, the Film List is ordered alphabetically.

You can change views from cover view to list view or combined view. The commands for this are above the list headers on the right side.

Above the list headers there is a frame with filter options. By choosing different criteria the list will be filtered immediately.

Accessed from the home page it gives you the complete list. Accessed through a content provider or Filmfund the list is filtered to that entity as well if accessed through the geographical location such a filter is applied only displaying the films tagged by that location.

Filmfunds, Producers & Distributors

In these two categories you find an alphabetical list of funds respectively companies active in the movie distribution/financing and/or producing.

Above the headers there is a frame with filter options. By choosing different criteria the list will be filtered immediately.

Filmfunds: These funds are striving to promote their national or regional film industry by giving financial aids to producers. Without these institutions the independent film would be dead.

Some film funds are purely of a financial nature and profit driven investment funds.

Distributors & Producers: A film distributor is a company or individual responsible for the marketing of a film. The distributor may set the release date of a film and the method by which a film is to be exhibited or made available for viewing: for example, directly to the public either theatrically or for home viewing (DVD, video-on-demand, download, television programs through broadcast syndication etc.). A distributor may do this directly, if the distributor owns the theatres or film distribution networks, or through theatrical exhibitors and other sub-distributors. A limited distributor may deal only with particular products, such as DVDs or Blu-ray, or may act in a particular country or market.

A film producer oversees and delivers a film project to distributors or other financing entity, while preserving the integrity, voice and vision of the film. They will also often take on some financial risk by using their own money, especially during the pre-production period, before a film is fully financed. Many film producers also have competency in other fields (directors, screenwriters, actors) but that is not always the case. The producer is often actively involved throughout all major phases of the filmmaking process, from inception and development to completion and delivery of a film project.

Explore the movie world

In this category you can virtually travel by using the interactive map or only by choosing a region from the drop down menu.

The results will be the different products and companies from that country/region and be shown in different tabs (Films, Filmfunds, Distributors & Producers, Users).

You will be surprised of what countries have an active movie industry and what amazing movies they have done.


The news category has several sections:

FilmSoul News: These are the news from inside the site, announcements by FilmSoul or its contributors like Filmfunds, Distributors and Producers.

Industry News: Industry News are generated from outside FilmSoul by professional contributors like Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Allo Ciné,

The Community

The FilmSoul Community is the main place where members interact.

Warning: Please DO NOT post any inappropriate, pornographic, violent, offensive, or disruptive or irrelevant content.

We have added this feature so everyone can have more fun and express themselves. Please do not make us suspend your account due to abuse.

Reviews and ratings Reviewing and rate our content, liking FilmSoul and taking an active part is helping us improve and grow. We may reward very active members.

Private Messages: Members can send Private Messages to other members at any time. Please be respectful.

Friends List: You can add other members, contributors, Filmfunds and content providers to your Friends List. Click their username to view their page or send them a Private Message.

User Notes: At the bottom of any Film and Private Message window with any member, you can click the Notes link to write notes about that movie or user that you can see later.

In the My Details page, you will find a link to a more general User Notes editor where you can view, edit, and delete all of your notes. When you have notes on a member or film, there will be a little notepad icon displayed next to their name on your friends list or film list.

Refer us to a Friend: Members can go to the My Details page and then to the "Refer us to a Friend" section to find their special URL link code, which they can give to their friends. When the friends make a free account on or buys credits for the first time, the original member that brought them will get a reward.

Rewards are for a free account 40 credits and when your friend purchases credits 200 credits.

The rules are simple:

  • No spamming
  • No referring yourself
  • Not all referrals will count. Sometimes systems make mistakes
  • No complaining. See above
  • No cheating
  • Post your links only in appropriate places

Profiles: All members can build custom Profiles containing their pictures, information, links, etc. Profile pages have their own ratings and friends and they are generally a lot of fun to browse. You can view or edit your own profile at any time by clicking the update button next to My Account in the My details Menu.

Note: Please do not post any pornographic or inappropriate material on your own profile or on the profiles of other films or members. Please do not post spam or annoying content on your profile or the profiles of others. Please do not post the same thing on multiple profiles (this is considered spam). Doing any of these things will get you banned.

News Feed: The News Feed feature allows any member to write a short message. Then any other member that is "following" them would see that post displayed on their own news feed. You automatically receive news feed updates from your friends in addition to the people you choose to follow.

FilmSoul Mail: FilmSoul Mail is an internal mail system located in your personal menu which you can use to send longer messages to content providers, Filmfunds and other members. FilmSoul Mail account will save all of your sent and received messages.

History: All of your viewing and download history are automatically recorded and saved for you on your History page. It can be found in your My Details page. You can clear your history using the links provided, but these changes cannot be reversed so please think twice before performing these actions.

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