Passionnaimants / Lovers



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  • Run time70 min, 0 sec
  • Suggested Ages12 And Under
  • Company Credits alexlfilms
  • Tags alexandre, alexandre laugier, canon eos, feature, film, free, french, independant, love, love story, lover, lovers, movie, passionnaimants


  • Production Year 2013
  • Genre Drama, Biography, Romance
  • Language French
  • Subtitle Language English
  • Film Type Feature Film
  • Film Status Completed
  • Plot Line

    Alexander and Roxane meet children then lose sight for several years. Teenagers they meet, never to leave but because of the family they will be separated for three months and forced to write letters as they live in the same street just 9 numbers away ... Their love is stronger than all, will remain patient and will continue to grow. Alleging facts. This film is directed by and starring two protagonists. Alexandre Laugier & Roxane Martine. That love wins. Are you ready for this adventure with them? You look at your wife or husband then the same way ... ?


  • Director Alexandre Laugier
    Roxane Martinez
  • Actors Alexandre Laugier
    Roxane Martinez
    Veronique Delclos
    Veronique Smolen

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